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Brochure printing services

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Company book, business brochure, product catalogue, corporate booklet, manual, magazine... you name it, we print it.

Product description

Professional brochure printing

Whether you want to create a corporate brochure with your company’s history and milestones, a product catalogue or manual, a magazine to send to clients with news and achievements or, why not, a custom booklet for internal use… The Printed Image offers premium book printing services and printed booklets with utmost care and quality.

There are two ways to send us your corporate brochure design… If you already have the brochure layout, upload the files to our website in no time; if you don’t and would like to release the Michelangelo in you, open a blank page in our editor and create your brochure design online – oh, sorry, we mean your masterpiece.

Offering book printing services for saddle stitched booklets, The Printed Image will help your business showcase its best.

Why choose The Printed Image

Premium printing

Only the best for your brand

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Good to know...

What paper options do you offer for my custom brochures?

The inside pages can be printed on our standard 170gsm silk paper (which is a bit thicker than the usual A4 used on printers) or recycled paper. The cover will be printed on 260gsm silk, to give a steadier feel and pro look.

What type of binding do you offer?

We offer saddle stitch binding – which basically means stapled. The pages are printed on a spread and then folded in half with a staple holding them together. The most common example is light magazines.

How do I send my files?

Please send each page of your marketing booklet as a separate file. We will put them together when printing. As we offer saddle stitch, you don’t need to account for the spine because, well, that’s because there isn’t one :P

Tips to upload your design file

CMYK colour

Our printers are set to CMYK. If your brochure design is set to RGB or Pantone, our system will automatically convert it to CMYK – which is great… but be aware this could slightly alter colours.

Bleed area

The bleed area is basically a safe area, to ensure the pages of your company brochure will not have white edges after being cut to size. All you need to do is extend the background colour or image 3mm all around your booklet pages.

High resolution

Your brochure layout should be at least 300dpi. Less than this could mean your images will look pixelated. Learn more about how to check your file resolution in our blog post.

File format

You can send us files in PDF, JPEG, PNG, or TIFF. Please send one file with single pages for your professional brochure - the first page should be the cover and the last page, the back cover.