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Business letterhead printing

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Our letterheads are litho printed, which means they can be fed through your office printer. Be mindful of those offering digital printing for this product, it may look cheaper at first, but it could cost you your professional look and damage your printer.

Product description

Corporate letterhead (litho printing)

Quotes, invoices, contracts, letters… make all communications look more professional with our business headed paper. We print your design on the paper of your choice using litho printing techniques – during this printing process, the ink with your design is transferred from a printing plate onto a rubber blanket and then to the paper. This means a plate for each colour needs to be created, adding to the production cost. The key advantage for this technique is ensuring your letterheads can be safely used in your own office printer without compromising its quality or damaging your printer.

If you have no design and no idea where to start, we can help… our designers have created simple, elegant and effective headed paper templates that are easy to customise with your logo and company details. To get started, pick your favourite and go to our online editor, then you can simply type your company info and drag-and-drop your logo. Easy-peasy!

Prefer creating your own letterhead design online from scratch? Open a blank canvas on our editor and go for it! Got the artwork file ready? Upload it to our website in just a few clicks.

If your correspondence has several pages, you can either print them all on your business letterhead paper or print only the first page on it and the rest on continuation sheets. These are similar to your letterhead but with a simpler headed paper design, keeping the pro-style in a chilled way.

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Good to know...

What paper options do you offer for my company headed paper?

You have the choice of three paper options: standard (Edixion Challenger Offset), premium (115gsm Splendorgel Extra White) and recycled (120gsm Freelife Cento). All of them are very similar in thickness, varying only on the look.

What is letterhead paper used for?

Letterhead paper is a premium A4 sheet professionally printed with your logo and company details. They are used when sending documents, such as quotes, invoices, contracts and more, to clients and prospects. They can be printed over using your office printer and raise the status of any post with a more official and professional look.

I am printing more than one page – do I use custom letterheads for all?

It’s up to you. You can either use your letterhead paper for all pages, or only for the first one and then use continuation sheets – they are very similar to your company letterheads, but the design is lighter.

Tips to upload your artwork

CMYK colour

The colour mode for printing is CMYK. If your letterhead design is in RGB or Pantone, don’t worry, our system will automatically convert it to CMYK for you – but note this could alter colours slightly.

Bleed area

The bleed area ensures your letterheads will not have white edges after being cut to size. For this, you need to expand the background colour or image 3mm past A4 size of the letterhead.

High resolution

When sending us your business letterhead design, the file must be 300dpi. This will ensure the images look sharp after printing. Learn more about how to check your file resolution in our blog post.

File format

Our system accepts PDF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF. If your business headed paper is double-sided with different designs on the front and the back, please upload one file with two pages.