Environmental policy statement

The Printed Image believes that it is important to operate and achieve good environmental practices. We are committed to protecting the environment and therefore committed to reducing our environmental impact and are continually improving our environmental performances as part of our operation.

This policy reflects our intent to provide and maintain an environmentally sustainable management system by:

  • Fully supporting and complying with the requirements of the current environmental legislation and codes of practices and promote best practice.
  • Minimise waste production by reduced consumption and developing effective waste management and recycling procedures.
  • Minimise our consumption and be efficient and environmental responsible with the use of energy and water.
  • Minimise environment impact and reduce, and / or where practical, prevent pollution in the environment and local community.
  • Collaborate with our key suppliers to promote environmentally responsible procurement of goods and services.
  • Ensure all employees understand the Environment Policy, to raise awareness and promote individual good practices.
  • These goals are obtained by establishing Environmental Objectives, which are regularly reviewed by management.
  • Both management and staff are all fully committed to the continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System.